Capitalism in the 21st Century

By  ·  December 30th, 2008   

Jesus Christ on a Three-Legged Ice-Skating Mule.

GMAC, the automobile financing company, said Tuesday morning that it would immediately resume financing to a wider range of car buyers, a day after the Treasury Department injected billions of dollars into the lender.

As Stephen says, this is the very fucking thing that got you all in this mess to begin with, so why don’t you do us all a favor, pull your heads out of your asses, and run your business like an actual goddamned business for a change, instead of some fucking government-subsidised rent-a-wreck.

But we neeeeeed to boost sales!

Ok, and when those high-risk customers default on their loans AGAIN?

Who cares?  The government will be there with another handout, whee!

Out. Of. The. Boat.


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  1. One thing that truly baffles me, about GM in particular, is that they still won’t discount their cars in an effort to increase sales! I saw an ad for a Chevy Cobalt the other day. These little turd coupes (to borrow a term from George Carlin :-) ) probably cost them about $4,000 in materials to produce, but they insist on selling them for nearly $14K! If my business was going under for lack of sales, I’d be having a fire sale. Instead of dropping the prices, though, these idiots will just continue to focus on over-leveraging every consumer who comes in the door.

    Let ‘em fail. Just keep them from getting their hands on any more of my stolen tax dollars. Deploy the Cheese Grater!!



  2. DW .. the first $5k of every one of the turdmobiles goes JUST for health benefits for GM retirees. The materials are certainly cheap … it’s the friggin’ labor and capital costs that kill their pricing!


    pete in Midland UNITED STATES

  3. I was gonna say the same thing LG said in the post. Also I would have said what DW said, about how GM won’t deal even with the shit hitting the fan. Screw ‘em.

    Yes I stopped by just to say I was gonna say what everyone else said. I’m creative that way.


    dogette UNITED STATES

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