Gettin’ Ready for the Riots

By  ·  February 17th, 2009   

Folks, we don’t usually link to Rush or Beck or Hannity or whoever else because we don’t want to sound like parrots, or mind-numbed robots, but mostly because we think those guys are still worried about losing their licenses and don’t really take things far enough when it comes to giving the whole story.  Today I am suspending that guideline to link to this.

What Rush doesn’t say it that there was more to that little fireside chat with Joe Scarborough.   ZB also mentioned that J. P. Morgan led the charge of the Rich in this country by essentially holding others of his ‘class’ in a locked library until almost 5AM one crisp morning in 1907 to fund “the banks” or they would all be reduced to mere millionaires instead of billionaires.  The Rich of that day were covering their own asses, hedging their bets, and trying to gain a little bit of control of the mechanics of government for themselves.

(Sound familiar? But that’s another show.)

So this dried up old failure from the Carter Era is trying to say it’s time that the Rich do this again, for their own good and for the good of the country?  And if they don’t, the Federal Government should do it to for them?  What the fuck?  I know that there are already “discussions” within our government to decide the feasibility of  nationalizing all of our 401K and IRA funds.  I know that the stimulus plan is going to shithammer the salaries and bonuses of private enterprises if they were stupid enough to believe the government when it said there were no strings attached to the TARP program. I know that GM and Chrysler are teetering on self-immolation due to interference from the Federal government and the immutability of the Mob’s the Union’s will.  I know that the Treasury is printing money, literally, like it has never been printed before to monetize the stimulus plan.  I even know that the Patriot Act has made US citizens liable for up to fifty fucking percent in taxes for any money they decide to put in an overseas bank, regardless of whether or not the citizen has already paid taxes on said money.   What I don’t know is what ZB thinks the government is going to do that it isn’t already doing to private citizens or corporations.  More importantly, what does he, as a former muckety-muck and current talking head, think the government should do? Raise taxes up to 90 percent for the richest of the rich? Or just make some electrons dance like Richard Pryor in “Superman III” and suck the money of the accounts of everyone who has more than million in the bank?  Maybe just pull a FDR and confiscate all the gold, after all,  surely only the Rich own gold, right?

As for the riots ZB predicts, I say this:  Let them come.

I know, I know, I can already hear it. “But MLG, surely you know how bad that would be for our country, don’t you?” Yes, I do. And don’t call me Shirley.  But exactly how in the hell can we, free citizens of a formerly free country, say that this is OUR country anymore when we allow horseshit like the stimulus bill, or any of that other shit up there, happen.  How can free men and women sell the future of our grandchildren like a mortgaged property in “Monopoly”?  Our grandchildren WON’T BE free men and women, goddammit!  They will be tax slaves, subjects under the rule of our governors.  So let the riots come.

We are allowing our freedoms to be sold at auction like Kunta Kinte.  We are giving away the power that our constitutional republic is supposed to be based upon. We are allowing our government to demand things OF us, rather than remind it that it is answerable TO us.  We write letters and emails and telegrams or call the bastards in DC on the phone just to get disconnected from voicemail boxes. They are not listening to our voices.  So let the riots come.

When the government tells an employer how much he has to pay his employees, or which doctor they can go see and get which medical treatment, the government then controls the workers. Let the riots come.

When they tell businesses what products they MUST produce, regardless of demand at the market, or which one they CAN’T produce, or who they are no longer allowed to import from or export to, the government then controls the very means of production. Let the riots come.

When the federal government owns or controls huge swathes of land and will not allow businesses to utilize that land for farms or livestock or mining or timber production, the government controls the food in our mouths and the ability for a private citizen to even build a home. Let the riots come.

These people in DC are trying to turn us into a socialist or communist state, shredding the Constitution in the process.  Let the riots come.

I was talking this out with Liberty Girl over the past few weeks.  We disagree on many aspects of the entire clusterfuck of a situation, but we are solid on this one: The system needs to be rebooted.

Let the mutherfucking riots come.

Let the snakes in DC see what happens when they decide that 535 of them know better than 300 million of us.  I want to see the fear in their eyes when they realize that they aren’t.  Let these 535 protazoa find out what happens when the host organism they are attacking from the inside finally call in the white blood cells to fight the infection.

These people are stealing our government, our way of life, and our future.

Let the riots come.


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  1. “We write letters and emails and telegrams or call the bastards in DC on the phone just to get disconnected from voicemail boxes”

    Hear, here. What in the fuck are we supposed to do? If we can’t get through to them in a civilized manner, should we just toss up our hands? They want us to just say, “Oh, well. That freedom thing was fun while it lasted! Nothing to be done, now!”

    The will of the people was made clear to these piglets when that monstrosity of a bill was still being “debated”. They voted for it anyway, because the motherfuckers wanted their turn at the trough.

    The founders fought against what we now face. A government that wants to disarm it’s population. An intrusive government imposing crippling taxes and trying to control personal lives.

    I agree. Let the riots come.



  2. Amen


    javamartini UNITED STATES

  3. I was wondering if anything could be done based on the premise that no one actually read the trillion dollar bill before voting for it. Dereliction of duty or some such.

    The only problem is that the people who’d have to start any such proceeding are probably happy right now.

    Although you’re obviously past the legal recourse phase.



  4. @David: In answer to whether suing would have any effect, I offer this headline: Hundreds Rally Against Generational Theft Act In Denver

    That’s *hundreds.* Not thousands, not millions.


    Liberty Girl UNITED STATES

  5. LG: You have to keep in mind that the people who would protest this thing are the ones who actually have JOBS, and can’t be hanging around, protestin’ all the time. Also, I think the thing was organized on pretty short notice.

    I think once what once people start finding out what this thing is really all about, there will be more and more public outcry. I just hope there’s enough.



  6. You’re right…the system needs a “cold boot” and a virus pattern update.



  7. as I said to someone at the fitness center this morning … “I wonder how the fucking idiots who voted for hope and change like the fact that their dollars have turned to change”

    Riots are good by me, especially if they result in mob action like hanging politicians in effigy … and we change the name of every town where we find politicians – Effigy!

    As far as the main thrust of your screed … I’d say you’re a decade late … we’re already past socialism/fascism and well along the communism path. And now, with this Generational Theft bill, a halfblack with zero ties to slavery has just sold your grandkids into slavery … with the help of several generations of welfare queens and assorted braindead pot smokers.
    It’s actually shocking to me that moving back to Canada would put me in a LESS socialist country.


    pete in Midland UNITED STATES

  8. It is the reason I stock up on canned and dry food,ammo,guns, and gold. For the end of days,okay that was over the top — the end of what we know as American is coming.

    It isn’t anylonger a matter of if,but when and how.

    For in my opinion,which is all it is, Obambi is finishing what FDR didn’t complete back in 1930′s.

    Complete socialism of this country.

    Yep, Ayn Rand saw it coming,but few listened.



  9. [...] Mister Liberty Girl is getting ready for the riots. [...]

    Vodkapundit » “Let Them Come”

  10. “… government then controls the very means of production.”

    I’ve heard that there’s a name for that form of government, but I can’t think of it right now.

    “When the federal government owns or controls huge swathes of land and will not allow …”

    Somewhere on the web is a map of “federal lands”. Almost the entire West is tied up in those lands. Extra points for anyone who can find it.



  11. Ladies & Gentlemen, the wishes and intents of our founding fathers were quite clear… we as AMERICANS need to overthrow the PIRATES and their motley crew which have taken over our ship… As the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE states:
    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, IT IS THEIR RIGHT, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”



    White Dove UNITED STATES

  12. P.S. Please check out this blog

    it is AWESOME! Also, we need to be using the lefts own tactics such as community organizing etc. against them. We need to rise up and get it together so we will have a great and vast army ready in 2010 and again in 2012… we must eat, sleep, breathe community organizing and other tactics.


    White Dove UNITED STATES

  13. I was at the rally in Denver with my daughter.

    When it was over and we were walking back to our car, people in their cars saw the giant check for 30k I was holding. I got a lot of nods of approval and thumbs up signs.
    Like Rick Santelli said earlier today:
    We are the silent minority.



  14. I was just thinking about the Moron’s fearful look at a mere press meet & greet.

    Imagine him facing panicked thousands in the street – even from inside his ivory tower. I can’t wait, personally.



  15. Laura: Yep. If he doesn’t have a hundred adoring fans slobbering at his feet, he doesn’t know what to do.

    He’ll never land Air Force One again. He’ll just conduct all of his business from the air because he’ll be too frightened to face *actual* people who have learned of the colossal scam he pulled on them.

    Hell hath no fury like a duped voter scorned.



  16. I haven’t previously met you MLG, although I have occasionally read of you (and perhaps your Glock, if I’m not mistaken?), so nice to meet you!

    I feel completely unready for this, in the physical sense. We, as a family, own no weapons – unless you count the signed baseball bat my husband keeps under the bed. I wouldn’t have a clue as to where one would buy gold or how one would go about that process, and I am told that unless it is of the antique coin variety, it may well be worthless or confiscated. I have a giant Costco closet full of food – but 5 voraciously hungry children (3 pubescent teenage boys are among the number) who empty it on a daily basis.

    My sister bought a cow and is planting a large garden in preparation, but I am in a suburban neighborhood with a yard the size of a postage stamp. What is the average person to do?

    This is not at all to say that I am not ready for this in a psychological sense. I believe that we are at a tipping point – one day last summer, I woke up with certain knowledge that there was bad ju-ju in the air, and there has been nothing that has happened that has not increased my certainty on that front. I know that there will be a point where the silent among us will no longer be able to be silent. I spend my days working to wake people up by pointing out to them all of the various unrelated events and announcements that I see are not unrelated at all. I’m sure that there are some that point to my tinfoil hat as proof of my insanity, but I am hoping that others are starting to open their eyes and see that tinfoil can be a fashion statement as well.

    I picture all of us making our way to the Capital — whether we have to walk or ride our bicycles — and gently leading those who have ignored us from their places of entitlement back to the real world – even if just for a moment.


    5kidsnadog UNITED STATES

  17. @5kidsnadog: Your local gun shops will offer both classes on gun usage/safety, and concealed carry permits (if your state so allows). Highly recommend you and your husband sign up, and acquire at least a 20 gauge shotgun for home defense.

    For gardening, we have less than 1/4 acre lot, and I have 12 raised beds around the perimeter of the patio and back fence (196 sq feet, or 4 hundredths of an acre). They will hold beans, carrots, melons, greens, peas, broccoli, strawberries, and corn. On the patio itself I am using large pots to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. We have a 3′x3′ box composter that MLG built from scrap lumber, and we have a worm box composter, the chief use of which is liquid compost tea to use as fertilizer on the plants. It can be done, no matter what size yard you have. Use pots and planting boxes where you can, go vertical if you have to. There are many books on the subject, but common sense is more than adequate. Place pots wherever you get more than 6 hours of sun, use good soil, water regularly, and feed every couple of weeks.

    Gold you buy in the form of coins from local dealers. Cash payments are not generally recorded. I do not know if this is a matter of, um, cooperation on the part of like-minded people or what. MLG might can expound on that a bit.


    Liberty Girl UNITED STATES

  18. My woman and I have a BIG garden. We plant twice a year…a summer garden and a winter garden. We harvest more than we can eat, give away, and “put up”.

    I’m going to double it’s size this year.



  19. @5kids
    That website right there will show you how to recognize coins of the world, including gold ones, and what the value of those coins SHOULD be if they were in certain collector grades. I have found that most non-chain jewelers, antique stores, flea markets, etc have a little space put aside for old coins. Just keep in mind that you A) might have to ask because the coins are kept behind a counter and not displayed or B) could have a price that is higher than market value for price per oz of gold. (And C- you gotta have trust that the guy isn’t a crook, but I can’t help you there.)

    On the other hand, lots of folks make a lot of noise about “Your gold has to be pre-1933 and have collector value or it can be confiscated!” Personally, I think if the govt decides to start robbing us citizens of our gold and silver, THIS govt will pass whatever laws it wants in order to make it happen. So, that being said, buy whatever gold you decide you want or can get, regardless of what it happens to have stamped on it’s face. Bullion, heavy chains, gold eagles, pandas, mapleleafs, whatever. The key is to buy with cash ONLY, not any kind of electronic transaction. In fact,the guy I usually buy from ONLY takes cash for this type of transaction.

    In your Costo of a pantry… when was the last time you really organized it? Checked to see how much of all that clutter is stuff you use every day / week /month ? Do you have things that you aren’t ever going to use again or have gone bad? Do you shop at the farmer’s market and can or jar or pickle the extra produce? How much of the stuff on your shelves will last for a long period of time, like a half-year? You can make room in your yard, no matter what size, for a container garden if nothing else. Fresh produce is always a good barter item even if you don’t eat it yourself.

    Finally, as for weapons, I think LG pretty much covered things. But I would add this: If you don’t want to buy a gun, don’t. If you don’t think that you can pull the trigger when the shit hits the fan, don’t have guns in the house. If you haven’t yet come to the emotional ready line that allows you to even think of shooting another human being to protect your stuff and your family, do not buy a gun.

    But if you do buy one, because you know that a gun is not a noisemaker to scare away bad guys but a tool for protecting yourself and your family, TRAIN WITH IT, know how to load it or unload it safely, how to clean it, and everything else that goes along with learning a new skill. Everyone in the house should know these things and do them on a regular basis.

    Sorry, off my soapbox now.

    Nice to meet you too.



  20. Hey MLG. I am trying to think here. You’re right about the gun. I’m not even sure that I could swing the bat (always makes me think of that line in that Mel Gibson move – “Swing away, Merryl”), let alone shoot a gun, but thinking about my kids makes me think all sorts of things might be possible, given the situation.

    I wish Mr. 5kids didn’t give me that pained look every time I try to bring anything up. He thinks my tinfoil hat is wound too tight and tells me I should focus on right now instead of what could come. He’s not really a forward thinker, which may be why we have 5 kids and a dog instead of one pet goldfish, easily flushed.

    I also wondered what you thought of actual money. We have foregone purchasing extras in order to have a sizeable bank account. It always made me feel safe, but now I’m wondering if we would have been better off with what we could have purchased — land somewhere warm where we could grow things. He was down south the other day and I told him I was ready any time he’d like to get out of this frozen liberal wasteland we live in, but then I start thinking about what’s going on in Mexico, and how that’s going to come to a boil soon, and wonder whether south is really good either. Also, having Hugo hosting the Russian Navy down there doesn’t make me too comfortable either. Are they hanging around for something in particular???

    I am trying to formulate a plan for veggies, etc. but my yard is front to back shade — and I don’t own all of the trees that make it that way. We are rebuilding our deck this spring — it shades a good portion itself (because the house is a walkout), so I’m thinking I will have to figure out a way to get less deck, and more dirt and sunshine out of my yard — the deck needs to be redone this year — maybe I can get a little spot out of that. My Costco closet includes a secret stash of beans, rice, flour, yeast, nuts of different types, canned goods, etc. but like I said, we would be up that creek without a paddle pretty quick, given that I have to feed a thousand or so pounds of human every day.

    My sister is recommending a water purifier and a stove that can use pinecones or whatever for fuel. I need to get on that as well. She also lives in Florida, and her cultivated land is not much, but she uses a stacking system so that she grows her food vertically and maximizes the space. I will look into a system like that.

    We are close to the Canadian border, but I think that if something DID actually happen, we would need either ice (which is how the bootleggers did their work in the winter), or a boat, because they would close the border as soon as they saw trouble…


    5kidsnadog UNITED STATES

  21. @5Kids:

    No one who tells you they have ALL the answers is telling you the truth–they are either deluding themselves or trying to sell something– because each of us has to make these decisions individually.

    But I do have one other thing to add to your last comment: if your money is safe and sound in a bank account, how safe and sound is your BANK? We only keep enough cash in the bank to pay for the checks we write. This is easy when you know how much your every-month payments for mortgage, insurance, etc are going to be. The things that change every month like power, water and groceries are easy to figure too, pay cash for groceries and deposit enough to cover the checks for utilities just before you send off the checks. But what to do with the other cash? The savings? I know MY answer, but it may not be practical for you, esp. if Mr. 5kids isn’t down with the concept.
    Cash is paper, goods and specie are not.
    Is your bank balance gonna help you if there is no power for the computers? Is your account number gonna help if the bank fails and the FDIC takes over your bank then tells you they have sixty days minimum to get you your insured amount of cash? Is your bank balance gonna help you if the dollar itself loses value? These are questions you and your family have to answer for your selves, and don’t let me, or Glenn Beck, or anybody else TELL you what the answer is for YOUR family.

    You have five kids. Five chances at having helpers if things go bad. Get your kids involved in finding solutions and practicing what you decide to do. You guys are near Canukistan, that has to play a role in your decision making process also.

    Lazarus Long once said “When the ship lifts, all debts are paid.” This means you either pay all your debts so that you can come back to that port, or if you have to leave in a hurry, don’t worry about ever going back to that place to try to make amends. Be prepared to abandon everything to escape with your family and your life; but be honorable about accounts up until that point.


    Mister Liberty Girl UNITED STATES

  22. That’s why I made the comment about the money — it used to make me feel safe, that whatever happens, we would be okay, but money isn’t actually ANYTHING. I would much rather have another place to escape to – even if it meant we had to walk in case things go bad. Unfortunately, and I could be inexact in what I’m going to say, I think they’ve even made it difficult for you to put your money somewhere else. Didn’t they tack something onto maybe the Patriot Act or something about taxing your money if you try to take it out of the country? (I’ll have to look for where I found that later). Anyway, I agree with you, money, account numbers, etc. aren’t worth squat if what backs it up isn’t worth anything.


    5kidsnadog UNITED STATES

  23. Bravo, Mister Liberty Girl. I’m going to link this post.

    As far as I’m concerned, if the government makes a move to confiscate gold as it did in 1933, then it will be time to start hunting down and killing the tyrants.



  24. Holy cow. Very nice. Keep it up.


    Passionate Conservative UNITED STATES

  25. @5kids: Yeah, I mentioned that about overseas transfers up in this post, buried in with other stuff.

    @rickl: Thanks for the link–but it would help to know which site you are linking it from… I like to know which of my friends are ready for extreme action.

    @PC: Thanks.


    Mister Liberty Girl UNITED STATES

  26. MLG: I linked it at Gulf Coast Pundit, a small but fine blog. Many of the members are refugees from Little Green Footballs (at least that’s how it got started).

    It’s a diverse and intelligent group of people with wide-ranging interests. Several are military veterans (but not me). Any member can start their own thread about anything that they find interesting. I like that because I can play blogger without actually going to the trouble of running my own blog.

    Obviously, I don’t claim to speak for anyone else there. But pretty much everyone is experiencing varying degrees of pissed-offness at the disastrous direction our country has taken.



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