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By  ·  March 17th, 2009   

Because I just know my comment on CNN’s site in response to this utter horseshit will be one of those not posted due to “volume of comments we receive,” I’m posting it here, for the enjoyment of all:

“President Obama has done more in eight weeks than George W. Bush did in eight years — unless you include starting a couple of wars.”

Right you are. He’s put our country into debt into the next four generations. He’s alienated our closest allies, mortally offended every man and woman who ever wore a uniform and sacrificed in defense of our country, and repeatedly exhibited his contempt for our Constitution. But as long as he gets to be interviewed on Leno, throw Hollywood glitterazzi parties, and get regular tongue baths from third-rate “journalists,” well, that must make it all just hunky dory.

Beautiful work, Cafferty, keep it up! Oh, and wipe your chin, there’s something on it.

These idiots aren’t even useful.


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  1. Nicely done, LG.


    Jim - PRS

  2. It’s easy to hurl aspersions without any facts, so I’ll ask you:
    how has forty-four put our country into debt for four generations?
    which allies has he alienated?
    how has he offended our servicepeople?
    exhibited his contempt for the Constitution?
    You must be mixing him up with forty-three . . .



  3. Well, sonny jim, I’ll be glad to give your comment every bit the consideration you gave mine – which is to say very little – and suggest you do some elementary searches on the following strings:

    stimulus bill
    omnibus bill
    bust of churchill + white house
    gordon brown + visit to washington
    veterans + health care
    obama + 2nd amendment

    Et fucking cetera.

    You jus go look all that up and have a report on my desk by 5 PM.


    Liberty Girl UNITED STATES

  4. Like I said . . . you’re confused.
    Forty-three: surplus to trillion dollar deficit
    Forty-four: fixing what forty-three broke
    bust of churchill? are you serious? he replaced it with one of Lincoln – you know, our sixteenth president
    gordon brown visited washington and that was offensive . . . wtf?
    improving healthcare for veterans (check your facts)
    second amendment . . . did he recite it and you don’t like his pronunciation?
    I could ask the question again, but you obviously don’t have an answer. you do, though, sound like Cheney and Perino.
    my apologies. i thought you were actually interested in conversation. nice rant, though.



  5. I began to actually answer this nitwit point by point, but you know, it isn’t worth it. He’s clearly ill-educated, incapable of operating a search engine, and entirely unacquainted with puncutation. Thinking for himself is clearly quite out of the question. So, as before: BORED NOW.


    Liberty Girl UNITED STATES

  6. Here let me help ReyMac, in case facts do get through to him.

    Generational theft – the so called “stimulus” bill includes massive government spending increases in 2011, so I’m not sure what that stimulates today.
    Insult 43 all you want, but at least an enemy combatant was an enemy combatant, not a “detainee”. Of course this has no impact on the actual closing of Gitmo as promised.
    Let’s withdraw from Iraq, or rather, let’s have 50,000 troops there but instead of “combat” brigades we’ll call them “advisor” brigades. I assume Obama read a Vietnam history book on the success rate of advisors.
    I do admire how he got Rahm (Rove?) to hold up a Rush Limbaugh sock puppet for the media to run after while they used the politics of division to pass the stimulus.
    And do I need to mention the “fundamentals of the economy are sound”.
    Give me the straight talk of 43 anytime compared to where we are going.



  7. That CNN quip is a little early for April Fool’s Day.

    There’s another blog out here somewhere that’s listed 51 Obamistakes [my term, not theirs] in the first 51 days. I think they were being generous, overlooking a few.

    So you could say, he’s batting a thousand.

    I think Mr Mac is a little confused. The trillion-dollar debt came in with Mr Obama, whose idea of fixing a billion-dollar deficit is to borrow (i.e, print) more money to throw at the problem.

    He’s also confused about Britain and Mr Brown. “gordon brown visited washington and that was offensive . . . wtf?”

    What a sap.

    Gordon Brown is like, you know, Prime Minister of Great Britain, up to now one of our long-term allies. He comes to Washington bearing rare gifts and gets treated like a vacuum-cleaner salesman. Obama shows absolutely no class.

    And I’m still holding my breath (I must be suicidal) for the time when Obama comes out and gives a speech without a teleprompter.

    Makes you wonder who’s pulling the strings.



  8. my retirement investments are down more than $300k, and the useless fuckwit soaks the taxpayers for another “stimulous … and all this is since November 4.
    No matter what the bambi-suckups think (sorry, that is an oxymoron, isn’t it) the proof is in the pudding … the tanking of the stock market is attributable to the Democrap control of contgress and the once-White House


    pete in Midland UNITED STATES

  9. The last line of that Cafferty blowjob was priceless:
    “At least I don’t go to bed at night worried that I’ll wake up in the morning and find out we’re about to invade someone.”
    I hope ya sleep in a very tall building tonight, Cafferty.



  10. LG: Allow me to help you out:

    The fact that he made a public demonstration of the Churchill bust is offensive in and of itself. It was a gesture of goodwill, signifying the special bond between countries. (As an aside, he replaced Churchill’s bust with Lincoln’s… presumably because he’s still under the [woefully mistaken] impression that he’s Lincoln reincarnated.)

    Read any British account of Brown’s visit to Washington… the Brits are offended. (And now Brazilians [Brazil is another ally, for now at least] are offended by his treatment of them. He pushed them aside for some St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, and they feel put out by it…)

    That surplus never actually existed, except on paper. It was a surplus based on tax revenue projections and didn’t take into consideration that maniacs would fly a couple of planes into a few buildings and knock the economy on it’s ass…

    Obama is from Chicago, and around these parts he is well known for his disdain of private gun ownership. Add to that reputation the fact that his Attorney General is a rabid gun-grabber, and it’s not hard to figure out that the 2nd amendment isn’t their favorite.

    And, as for the veteran healthcare issue? Well, the vets aren’t too thrilled with it, judging from the response yesterday after his meeting with military honchos.

    There. Now… I’d go have a glass of koolaid, but it looks like ReyMac has drank it all up.

    Coming down off of that high (and I feel confident that he eventually will) is gonna come with one hell of a case of the DTs.



  11. Unlike Cafferty, I found myself hoping that Obama wouldn’t wake up every morning and do “things, lots of things.”

    Praising bad action simply because it’s action and because some of it just might stick seems a bit thick, doesn’t it? Big, dumb spending bills, spooking the market into tanking in an ugly way, and pissing on vets aren’t what I’d consider positive change.


    zombyboy UNITED STATES

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