Wrong, Wrong, WRONG

By  ·  March 31st, 2009   

Dear ABC (and you too, Rob Thomas):

Back in ’98 you really had something…Jeremy Piven as a maybe-he’s-crazy, maybe-he’s-not guy who claimed to be Cupid, exiled from Mount Olympus until he matches up so many couples.  He did this with the Piven style (mostly extinct now, btw), the Piven flair, and with the actual ACTING of which Piven has since become incapable.

We. Loved. This. Show.  And when you cancelled it, we contemplated – just for a moment – joining the letter-writing campaign.  (If you knew us you’d know that’s Quite A Big Deal.)

Imagine our dismay to discover that you’re attempting a reboot.  Sure, you got the original writer (Rob, that’s you – who, btw, couldn’t find something NEW to do?), and you got the scrumptious Sarah Paulson, but who the fuck is this guy??

Have you honestly seen a smarmier fuck in all your life?  That’s not Cupid…that’s the guy who carries around roofies just in case your Long Island Iced Tea doesn’t work quite fast enough.  

No. No. No, and just NO.  We’ll not be watching this travesty, this knock-off, this cheap re-tread.

Oh, and you, HONEY…it wasn’t a fucking SITCOM.  It was drama with comedy right where it was needed ( much like life, eh?).  Get a clue.


2 Responses to “Wrong, Wrong, WRONG”

  1. Why can’t these idiots ever leave well enough alone?

    It was bad enough when they started remaking every successful TV show into some crappy-ass movie.

    Now, they’re going to recycle the ones that weren’t successful, too? What makes them think it will work this time?

    Can’t anyone come up with an original idea anymore?



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