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All Too Easy

By Liberty Girl  ·  April 10th, 2009   

Those who know me can tell you I am the Very Last One to subscribe to a conspiracy theory, in fact am much more likely to sneer, throw a bottle at your head, and/or possibly call in an air strike on your position should you admit to being quite so gullible.


All these gun-related incidents this year seem designed to stir up irrational fears in the sheeple out there, so as to perhaps make it easier for those fucking thieves in D.C. to move ahead with registration and/or an outright ban.  

It’s enough to make a girl get out the metal file, I tell you.


Jolly Old

By Liberty Girl  ·  April 8th, 2009   

Oh no, not SHOVED!@!!!@#

A man who collapsed and died near last week’s protests at the G-20 summit was shoved to the ground by police shortly before the collapse, according to a video of the incident posted on the Web site of the British daily The Guardian.

An autopsy revealed that a heart attack caused Tomlinson’s death, according to the police complaints commission.

Dude, if you have a heart condition, perhaps a RIOT isn’t the best place for you.  However, this being Britain, all the officers involved will be summarily fired, and forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation for the rest of their lives.


Good Morning, Comrades

By Liberty Girl  ·  March 30th, 2009   

I have to ask those of my 152 loyal readers who might be somewhat older than my own 39 years…have you ever seen any-fucking-thing like this?

White House and GM sources had told CNN Sunday that Wagoner would resign as part of the federal government’s bailout strategy for the troubled automaker.

“On Friday I was in Washington for a meeting with Administration officials. In the course of that meeting, they requested that I ‘step aside’ as CEO of GM, and so I have,” Wagoner said in a statement posted to the GM Web site.

I mean, of course, in a NON-communist country?


Cow + Flat Rock

By Liberty Girl  ·  March 3rd, 2009   

The headline of The Washington Times editorial is:

BLANKLEY: Obama lied; the economy died

No big government, says The Empty Suit, no earmarks.  Well, we’ve all seen just how jam-packed the OhStimulateMeNowYesYESSSSS!! bill is with the latter, and we’ve all seen precisely how Baron Harkonnen-esque these Libtards expect government to get during their tenure.  They’re like children in a candy shop, fatass and cavities be damned!

I think of my (few) liberal friends, and I really, REALLY want to ask them what they think of their Savior now, but I don’t…because I know that will be a friendship-ending conversation.  My incredulity at their naiveté - their wide-eyed, stiff-nippled complicity in the raping of our country, our children’s future – will transform, Megatron-stylee, into scathing contempt and possibly physical violence.  

The question of the hour is What Are We Going To Do About This?  Some insist the problem is self-correcting…and I wish them a fine time entertaining the Secret Service.  

Contact our Congresspeople?  Fat lot of good that does you when their standard answer is “not my problem.”  

March in the streets?  Well, you know, we have jobs – jobs that pay for our mortgages, thank you – and it is hard to leave them to travel to wherever they’re marching.  So not many people show up, the media under-reports it as an added bonus, and we all think there’s not enough others out there who are as outraged, as Fucking Pissed Off, as we are…

So what then?  What do we do??  Because I’m ready for any bright idea you might be saving for a rainy day.


We’re Gonna Need New Flags

By Liberty Girl  ·  March 3rd, 2009   

Yanno, from Day 1 of The Messiah’s entré into the campaign, I’ve called his jugeared ass a “socialist.”*   Turns out I was being too kind.

I once wrote  that we could play “Communist Manifesto Bingo”: once President Obama enacts or strengthens five planks from the Communist Manifesto, yell “bingo” and you win.  One month into President Obama’s first term, BINGO!

Read, as they say, the entire thing.  And then try to sleep tonight.

(*For the record, MLG has *always* answered that with “communist.”)


How About Gold-Shitting Bunnies, Too?

By Liberty Girl  ·  February 16th, 2009   

Oh isn’t this just the DEAREST THING EVAR:

End war, forever. Make the planet greener. Please help my dad find work. Make it rain candy!

Thousands of kids detailed their hopes and expectations for President Obama in letters and drawings as part of a “Dear Mr. President” project, with 150 chosen for publication in a free e-book being released today, on Presidents Day.

And the next generation of liberal wussies is well on their way.

We told Liberty Son and Liberty Daughter that the Messiah had just indebted them into their dotage, and I swear, if the bastard could see the resulting look in LD’s eye, he’d immediately pack up his black widow wife, spawn, and exeunt the country for more hospitable climes.  Belgium might be nice.  LD is SCARY when she’s pissed.  And baby, she is PISSED.


The Day the Earth Got Slightly Dizzy

By Liberty Girl  ·  February 16th, 2009   

I swear to Zog, sometimes I feel as if we’re all caught up in some Hollywood slush pile-reject conspiracy flick, starring D-List winners like Mark Dacascos and Tia Carrere.  

Some opponents of wind turbine farms in Maine say they’re concerned not just about audible noise but “low-frequency noise, so soft you can’t hear it,” from the installations, which they claim is linked to a wide array of health problems, not to mention “the strobe effect created by the sun setting behind the spinning blades, which some say can lead to seizures”. 

Oh. Mah. Gad.  

First off, what kind of a moron is standing there watching turbine blades going around??  A work-shirking Class Two moron, that’s what kind.  <irritated supervisor>Get back to work, ya fucking slacker!  Oh, and stop looking at the fucking wind turbines, ‘cos they’ll make you dizzy.  Xst, my five year old got more sense than you.</irritated supervisor>

But there’s plenty of medical data to support a potential ban, right?  RIGHT???

Aniel says he, six other physicians and one family nurse practitioner believe the conditions they’ve found online – things called “acoustic radiation” and “wind turbine syndrome,” among them – and the possible symptoms – nausea, back problems, mood disorders, seizures, even heart attack – are serious enough to stall new wind projects while medical researchers around the world gather more information.

Yeah, not so much.  Just a work-shirking moron of a doctor and his cohorts, all who appear to have waaay too much fucking Intertubes-surfing time.  If I were the administration of that hospital, I’d be Asking Some Questions.

(Via Overlawyered)


Dear 44:

By Liberty Girl  ·  February 12th, 2009   

Go fuck yourself.

With hate, 


P.S.  Tell that black-widow bitch she can go fuck herself, too.


Good Luck With That

By Liberty Girl  ·  February 7th, 2009   

You fucking people are INSANE, and I sincerely expect you to wind up hopelessly ensared by the complexity of your own shoelaces, found near-starvation and covered in your own feces a week later.


Duck and Cover

By Liberty Girl  ·  January 27th, 2009   

There is a Heinlein story, the exact name of which I forget (MLG will know), in which the protagonist tracks incidents that he feels are indicators of the onset of “The Crazy Years.”  That story quite naturally resulted in the protagonist holed up in the mountains while nukes fell on the cities below.

We are, my friends, slap-ass in the middle of The Crazy Years Redux, if you haven’t already figured that out for yourself.  I’m not just talking about our new socialist overlords government – and the near-constant subversion of our Constitution – but smaller things, daily occurrences that chip away at the average human’s ability to be a self-reliant, logical, reasoning entity.

Here’s a big old stinking example.  January 13 a Texas high school basketball team beat another team by the whopping score of 100-0.  No big deal, right?  The winning team was clearly a great deal more talented than the losing team, and just outplayed them.  Some might whinge that was “running the score up,” but what is the winning team to do, just stop trying?  What kind of lesson is that for those girls?  Or for the losing team…who have a total of EIGHT girls on the varsity team, with only 20 total in the entire school…they never quit, kept playing, kept TRYING through the entire game.

A few days later it was reported the winning team wanted to forfeit the win to the losing school, they felt bad about the blowout…AFTER the fact, mind you, when they’d had the opportunity to be scorned by the bleeding hearts among the teaching staff/parents.  (That last bit is pure conjecture on my part, but I’m probably right, you know.)

Then winning team’s school administrators then posted a public slam of everyone involved:

On its Web site last week, Covenant, a private Christian school, posted a statement regretting the outcome of its Jan. 13 shutout win over Dallas Academy. “It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition,” said the statement, signed by Queal and board chair Todd Doshier.

And now the coach has been fired for calling bullshit:

The coach of a Texas high school basketball team that beat another team 100-0 was fired Sunday, the same day he sent an e-mail to a newspaper saying he will not apologize “for a wide-margin victory when my girls played with honor and integrity.”

Hopefully everyone involved – save the reactionary pussies that blew it all out of proportion – will take the following lessons from this ludicrous non-incident:

  • It’s ok to win.
  • It’s ok to lose.
  • School administrators, with few exceptions, fail upwards.
  • Sometimes a teacher will take a hit for you.  Honor them by remembering the fucking lesson.